What Is Wit Ink?

Wit(h)Ink is a content writing company in the Philippines dedicated in creating high-quality content for websites, search engine optimization (SEO), and other purposes. We believe that good content is made up of two components: well-written, easy-to-read articles, and impressive graphics.

The Duo Behind Wit(h)Ink

Wit(h)Ink is made up of an article-writing duo based in the Philippines. Their mission: to make the web a friendlier place for people by writing one easy-to-read article at a time.

VIRNA, Content Editor

Virna has worked as a freelance content writer for almost five years now via UpWork (formerly ODesk). Her work can be found on different websites across the internet universe. She currently maintains the mommy blog, Artsy Nanay, and writes for WickedKink Playbook (the first ever company to offer sexy roleplaying audio guides!).

JUSTIN, Content Writer

Justin has worked as a content writer for the SEO Company, Local Top Rank. He is now exclusively working on Wit Ink full-time. When he is not creating awesome articles for different blogs, he can still be found in front of the computer playing Diablo 2 and WarCraft.

Together, they are tea enthusiasts, Magic The Gathering players, art film lovers, certified nerds, parents to Baby Aleister Gregory, and owner of the imaginary Siberian Husky named Ser Lancelot.